Looking for help, guidance and new friends.

Hey guys!
My name is Mihajlo. I’m from Serbia. And I started studying Computer Graphics @ FTN, University of Novi Sad this October.Our weapon of choice for modeling and animation is Autodesk 3dsmax while later on we’ll be using Unreal as our main engine. I passed my 3d object design course with 9/10 grade and got quite hooked to the software. I was wondering if any of you guys knows any good , on point , tutorials that combine Unreal Engine asset modeling and texturing in 3dsmax and then using those assets in Unreal level design?

Much love!

You need learn a lot of tool. Not just 3ds max.

You need to learn some zbrush, substance, LOD, etc.

if you like level design. I suggest just buy from market.

creating 3d from scratch are tedious.