Looking for help completing a small blueprint project. Requires understanding of vector math.

Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to recreate the Super Monkey Ball games and I have several parts of the blueprint working, I am just having some issue connecting them together.

I have three issues with my current blueprint system.

  1. While I have a working system to move and rotate the ground underneath the ball, problems arise when trying to limit the maximum rotation of the ground plane. Specifically, once a maximum rotation is reached, the ground will keep moving in world space, even though it is not rotating any further.
  2. The other issue with the above movement and rotation system is that it is additive only, rather than being absolute in it’s control of rotation. Ideally, I want the ground to return to its starting rotation when the gamepad thumbstick is not being pushed in any direction.
  3. In order to fix the two above issues, I made a different rotation system that acts how I want it to, but if I use that new rotation system, I do not know how to have the level change its pivot of rotation to match the ball.

So, ideally, all I am asking is to be able to attach the new rotation system I have to the old pivot movement system, and to ensure that there is no unwanted/additional movement of the ground plane.

To give an idea of what you will be working with, I am attaching images of my current blueprint system below.

The first two images are the original movement and rotation system that makes the ground plane pivot around the ball. The third image is of my new rotation system that doesn’t change the ground pivot to be that of the ball.

Please reply to this post or send me a PM to discuss or with a quote.