Looking for help backporting 2 animals from the market place into the ARK Dev kit


I have a couple of creature models purchased from the market place that I Would like to use in the ARK dev kit, which is basically UE4 version 5. Is anyone willing to either do this or help show me how to do this? I don’t know how much work is involved as I am just a blueprint moder not an animator.

These are the two models


That’s going to be some SERIOUS work to get those to MAYBE work in 4.5.1
Honestly, your going to have to import them, and, then reconstruct it all.
Animations are done way different, materials are a lot different … everything is done 100% different since 4.5.1, plus, its an edited source so its may not work as intended do to possible missing functionality completely.

Your best bet is to pop them in and see what errors come up, then, fix those as they come up. You may not even be able to open the project at all after adding them.