Looking for guidance on level streaming


Could someone please provide some basic guidance on level streaming. In particular this is what I m trying to understand:

  1. It seems that in order to have a transition screen with some animation and music in between two levels you need to use streaming right ? Otherwise if you just use regular OpenLevel the engine will “hang” until the level loads. That’s the main reason why I m looking into streaming levels btw.
  2. My use case is basically a bunch of levels piled up on top of each other and only one loaded and visible at the time (so I m not looking for continuous load like Elder Scrolls or anything like that). Is this the intended usage ? (or easily supported)
  3. In this case all of my levels have their own individual navigation mesh and the main , persistent level doesn’t have anything other than skylight and some lights. I’ve read some posts that say to put the navmesh in the persistent level, but again, my levels are one on top of another (no continuity), so that doesn’t seem like it would work. Is it ok to keep navmesh per level ?
  4. How can I change the “persistent level”. For example right now I have a map that I started on from the beginning and it has a lot of actors , etc in it already. But because it was the default map it is now the one that is considered the “top level”. How can I just add an empty level and switch that to be the “master level”.

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. You can also do it with a loading screen:
  2. you can do that with level streaming :slight_smile:

Great, Thanks !