Looking for Graphics Designer for a GAME LOGO for a an unannounced game.

I’m the lead developer of a game which still hasn’t been announced yet. I am looking for a someone to make the main logo of an unannounced game.

About the Job
I need a game logo designed for a game I am making. I expect the logo to be versatile and with small versions. For example, one in widescreen mode and another for square modes. As well as having it’s components split to accommodate various necessities. For example, in addition to the regular logo having the logo image as one file (For example, for game icon), and then the text font part in another image

If you are contracted, we will have a discussion on discord to talk of ideas, themes, as well as providing you with more information on the game.

My expectations
-Have experience designing logos professionally.
-Having experience designing logos for released games is not required but a plus
-Deliver high quality logo in a big resolution.
-Deliver Logo in various versions (Rectangular, square version)
-Deliver the working file (PSD or AI), in order to preserve backups.

If you are interested please email me at [EMAIL=“”] with the following:
-Payment expected.
-Previous work/portfolio.
-Time estimation.