Looking for Graduation projects

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, so, besides of introducing myself (Hi! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I would like to ask for a little bit of help.
I’m part of a Youtube channel (in spanish) where we do…most everything geek-related (videogames, roleplaying sessions, comic-book talks, etc), we’re still a small channel (16k subscribers, but we started this in March, so I’d say we make some quality videos) , one of my duties is to create our popular Top 10 videos, most of them about gaming, but I like to pick an interesting subject and do a little research.

This one I’m working on is **Games that were made as (or started as) graduation projects, **maybe later they became commercial games, maybe not, but it’s a whole new sphere of games that I think it deserves some acknowledgement.
So, what I would like is some info, maybe about your project, maybe a friend’s, Video, gameplay, info, related links, screenshots, plot, maybe a download link so i can play and record it myself. Anything is welcome

**DO NOT FORGET ** about the author’s name (or group’s name so I can properly credit it)

I’m going to post this in some other similar forums to see if I can find anything useful. Thanks to everyone. :slight_smile: