Looking for good tutorial on creating a swimming 3rd person character ...

Hi everyone,

Need a few pointers.
I am looking for a good tutorial on how I can make my 3rd person character swim.
I found one that just switches to a first person camera but that is not what I am looking for.
I want to see the 3rd person character swim.
Creating the water and swimmable water volume is all out there.
But I don’t see anything on the character itself.
Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Not looking for tutorial on how to create swimmable water or something simple like just seeing in first person and
floating forward.
Looking for something sophisticated where your character actually swims in the water and you see it in 3rd person.
Thinking … probably need a state here with blend spaces before and after. mmm.
Then you need a blend space or state for jumping into the water and running into the water too I guess.
This might get complicated :slight_smile:

Bumping the thread still looking …. :slight_smile:
Uncharted 4 style here is a good example: