Looking For Good Books on Unreal 4


I am trying to delve a little deeper into Unreal 4 and while the learning section is great I’m looking for a good reference book in several areas.
My interests lay in learning more about blueprinting / coding with C++ in UE4 as well as general practice books on level design / layout planning etc…
Does anyone have any books that they can recommend in these fields? I looked on amazon a bit but most seem out of date from like the 2015 era before a lot of major changes were made and most complaints were that they were fairly out of date.

Any recommendations on books or if any knowledge of upcoming new editions / new books would be greatly appreciated.

problem is books are way out of date … exacerbated by rapid release cycle… e.g 4.17 is out today!

Your best approach is to use web - , docs, blogs.

There is a 50+ hour course on UDEMY that seem to have outstanding reviews… https://www.udemy.com/unrealcourse/learn/v4/overview


Yeah I figured as much. The wikis around here are still very nice.

Took a look at this and it was $10 bucks for me so I figured why not? I’ll give it a plunge tonight and see how it is. Thanks for the advice.

It would be best to just dive into UE4 and get a book for C++ instead.

I was hoping mostly to find one on scripting and best scripting practices. I guess coding essentially would alleviate the need for that :slight_smile:

Imo video courses are future. Today webpages like udemy, pluralsight… are really good.
Unfortunately most of tutorials are focused on beginners so dont expect after 50 hrs udemy video you will know everything.
Im doing atm that course and it is only start, it will give you light overwiev how to code in unreal (it helpef me to not be scared of ue4++) and then look for ue4 wiki advanced tutorials.
Books on unreal imo doesnt worth because as some mentioned they may be outdated, making video can everyone from home in minutes so there will be always more video content.

Thank you I picked it up and I like it so far I’m not too far along because of work, but I do it on the side when I get home and I’m just about to start programming. Really looking forward to it. It has a nice presentation!

Here you go:) Humble Book Bundle: Unreal Engine & Unity 5 presented by Packt