Looking for Gameplay Coder With First-Person and Third-Person Weapons System Experience


We’re looking for a gameplay coder with first-person and third-person weapons systems experience. Terms of employment require that you must showcase previous weapons systems to be considered for the job. If there are any marketplace systems you can retool for this task we’d be happy to use that as well for our project. The job is PAID. We’ve made a good deal of progress on our project and this is the final piece of the puzzle that we need completed before we can launch this game on Steam Early Access. We’re looking to do about $20 an hour for this gig if you’re interested. Please shoot me a PM if you’d like to apply.

We definitely have a metric ton of experience in both 3rd and 1st person weapon systems, actually weapons have been most of what we’ve been doing over the last couple of years and I’d be happy to do a screenshare session to showcase some of the stuff that’s happening behind closed doors. Feel free to reach out to me on skype or email(see sig) and we can chat some more