Looking for game programmers to help create a First Person Class-Based Shooter.

**Project Name:
Squad of Souls

This is a first-person class based shooter. (Ex; Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Dirty Bomb) There are 15 Classes or “Mercenaries”, each with 2 abilities, a “Mega” Ability which is like an ultimate from Overwatch, and a gun specific to them that also lets the player equip 3 weapon “Mods” which change how the weapon acts. the main gimmick of this game is a thing called “Souls” each soul lets the player drastically change how a few gameplay mechanics benefit how their mercenary plays out. For example the “Soul of Agility” lets the player have an increased speed of **Reload, using Abilities, and fire rate which are faster by 25%. **There arethree different classes which are: Tank, Healer, and Damage. Tanks take a lot of damage and are basically human shields, Healers heal teammates, and damage has their entire arsenal based off of doing some form of damage. I can provide more info if interested.

Our team is only 2 people as of now and we both aren’t very good with coding or anything like that so we’re looking for someone who can make animations, code, and add UI.

Discord - Goldin#5158

End Note:
All that I am looking for is to make a extremely polished demo version of the game to use and record a “Trailer” for the game so that the team can raise money and get a good enough funding. This is not a full on complete game we are *currently *trying to make, just a demo version good enough to record footage for a trailer. Once we’ve received a good enough funding I will contact you again and be willing to pay for everything you have done for our small little team with a dream.

This project can be handled at a slow pace, no need for rushing, just looking for people to help get things going. No need to get into calls, or use voice communication, DM’s via discord will do perfectly.