Looking for game programmers for contract work

Looking for game programmers for contract work. Prefer people in the Orlando, FL area but not necessary. Remote work is fine too. Project is both VR and non VR so may split up the work depending on how many people respond.

Do you already have a GDD put together? What’s the scope of work involved? Cheers!

I have the vast majority of artwork done. And I have videos and small docs trying to describe what sort of functionality I am looking for. Dont really have a solid design doc. Mostly winging it and paying money as I do.

I have a few portions I am currently looking to implement.

1.) Classic resident evil style inventory and some functionality associated with it for VR (it floating above the controller that hit the menu button…

2.)Weapon and item usage

3.) monster spawning system as well as monster interactivtity with player and environment. Monster behavior through out that environment… in regaurds to seraching… how they behave when a door is locked or unlocked… etc etc…(Again have some videos on how they should interact and how it would work with the rig and all that…)

4.) IKINEMA integration for use with main character body in vr as well as enemy interaction with your body / animation with ikinema…

STuff like that. id get into more detail in private.

I tell you what if you wanna help me write a GDD that may be something id pay a little for too.

Now that’s something I can do :p! I am a project manager/business manager. I’d love to join the team. Can we discuss further

Hello, open for cooperation.

I’m magic C++/Blueprint developer.

Here is you can get more information about me [PAID $$$] UE4 C++/Blueprints developer - Looking For Work? - Unreal Engine Forums