Looking for game development studio

My company is looking for a game development studio to build a game demonstration for a crowdfunding campaign. The project is related to Blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum ,etc) and will feature many bleeding edge technologies. We need a full service studio that can do all the art, modeling and programming. If the crowdfunding is successful, then a very large opportunity for work arises.

On an artistic level we are either looking at hyper realistic (ArchViz level fidelity) or high fidelity stylized visuals. For programming, the game is a social MMO and will not include intense physics, and focuses more on realism and immersion.


  • Studio must be based in North America or Europe (extra credit if you are near Boston, MA)

Please reach out by private message here on the forums and we can continue the conversation via email.

…aren’t blockchain / coin mining and high-end graphics mutually exclusive concepts? I’m not sure you’ve thought this through?

The game won’t involve mining in any way. It will use cryptocurrencies & smart contract technology.

My company does exactly what you are looking for. Drop me an email to