Looking for game developers for NFT metaverse game

Hello Unreal community! We are a very popular NFT project on the NEAR network looking for game developers to help us integrate our NFTs into the gaming metaverse! Shoot me a message if this is of interest to you!


“a very popular nft project” how descriptive. i would be very veryyyyyyy careful about just throwing out NFT and metaverse. literally there is no description OF your project in any capacity. you handpicked the two most likely things people would consider scams. Also, from what youre saying, youre looking for game devs to put in NFTs? i dont know much about this space, but i doubt that game developers would be the main person you need. i would think someone who SPECIALIZES in crypo would be needed, especially since you say you already have a game set up? this honestly reeks of a scam but it makes no sense as youre trying to hire real people, unless youre looking for credibility when it comes to the game for fundraising, then cash out midway into development.

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hey, let me know of your project on arcxsym@gmail.com
Project Unreal Universe portal www.arcx.space
was looking to implement some content too

Warning to developers, NFT projects are most likely a scam



ouch. I only withheld the name because our competition is fierce and will most likely copy our idea as they did so many others. Happy to chat in DMs about the project.

Drop the NFT part and then come back with a GDD and maybe people will take you seriously


Most other moderated communities banned any NFT postings already. Also other serious forums or communities require a minimum standard, which is not required here, thats why so much XXXX is accumulating here. Unfortunately Epic lets go down his own forums, and any serious postings for jobs are not longer here anyway.


ouch. I only withheld the name because our competition is fierce and will most likely copy our idea as they did so many others

Ah yes. Youre a very popular project that nobody can find out about. You’re absolutely a scam. Don’t fall into this trap developers.

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There are like 4 types of people that take NFT’s seriously:

  • B-tier celebrities.

  • internet weebs who created crypto culture 10 years ago

  • guys who have jobs from their daddies money that don’t know anything about computers

  • and lastly manipulative moochers that try to make “billions” taking the shortest path in life that they can find. like paying developers next to nothing to implement their NFT “empire”

Hello, I have developed NFT metaberse game in Near chain, please discuss more details on chat with me, hope to hear from you soon, thanks

Loved to see what you’ve built. We recently launched an application that helps people build Metaverse for their community. Would love to hear your thoughts about the application.
Here’s the link to the same: Creatospace-Metaverse for Communities