Looking for Game Developer VR Project

We’re looking for a freelance game developer who familiar with Oculus Rift and Touch Controller.

VR Training Program
It’s a virtual training program for electricity workers.
We need someone who can make buttons work with Oculus Touch,
They need to follow certain procedure,
Models and environment will be provided.

We’ll keep working with you on future projects aswell.

Melih Doğan

New Level VR

Skype: melihdog
E-mail :

Hey there, it’s great to hear of more VR training projects! We have been working on similar apps for different industries from medical to oil and gas in VR since the DK1 so I’d love to chat with you about this. Would you be providing mainly the assets or do you also have the systems working and just need it all to function in VR now? Either way I’d love to chat about helping you take this over the finish line, emailing you now!

Great! Waiting for your mail!
We can discuss specifics on Skype more efficiently.

Email sent, with video samples and explanation of the advanced technology we’re using for Virtual Training and Job Simulations, looking forward to your reply!