Looking for game developer / Programmer for VR baseball simulator

Edit: This position has been filled.

I am looking for programming. I am looking for a baseball batting simulator to help players recognize and time pitches. This isn’t a full game but a batting simulator. This will need to be done in VR. I am looking for the ability for the player to switch between pitching distances (46 feet, (mound height 6 inches) 50 feet (mound height 6 inches), 60 feet (mound height 10 inches). The player can also select a speed range 40-45 mph, 45-50 mph and so on up too 100 mph. The player can also select the pitch (4 seam fast ball, 2 seam fast ball, change up, curve ball, cutter and knuckle ball). It is very import that the rotation of the ball matches the actual rotation of the ball in real life for each pitch. The physics have to be pretty realistic. For right now the a harder swing should hit the ball farther. Ability to save data such as how many times you hit each pitch at which speed. How far the ball traveled. Favorite pitch. There is a possibility of adding on more functions in my next round of funding. Such as hand placement, swing location, dipping of hands etc. Please send me your portfolio or previous work. Please send me a price quote, currency (I use USD) and time frame. I would prefer 4-6 weeks but I realize that might be unrealistic. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Please send email to [SPOILER][/SPOILER]

EDIT: Here is a video that is pretty close to what I am looking to have done (Look at the batting portion)


Please check email.

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Sofia G

Resume, portfolio e-mailed