Looking for Game Designers

Hey Folks, my team and I are working on a Trading card game for use on PC/Mac, IOS, and Android.
It’s a Hearthstone/Magic like game. The game has been tested and balanced over the past few months now and we are looking to take it to the next step and develop it as an App. We have looked into using a CCG toolkit on UDK but we are not really programmers and could definitly use the help. Message me for Details.
Additionally we need Artists as well.

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I can try to create a table with a balance for you. If I have time.

But I will need key information on the number of cards and the principle of operation of your system.
I’m from ukraine. I also have bad written English.
If you do not find anyone, write to me. Grammar will suffer, but I’ll do the work.
Only preliminary give the technical task document.