Looking for "Future Egypt" Asset(s)

Hi, at quick glance I haven’t been able to find “Future Egypt” city scenes such as:


(Needs to be a whole city not just one house)


If you have such asset(s) available on suitable asset stores (Unreal Marketplace, Turbosquid, Daz3D, etc.) please post here.

To clarify, if suitable, I am willing to pay for said asset(s)… but for security I would only buy it from a reputable asset store.

Thanks for your time.

Hey srmojuze - I take it you’re not interested in having the assets custom made (due to budget, I assume)? It’s certainly a bit of an odd request and I hope someone out there has what you’re looking for! If not, let me know and we can maybe come to some kind of arrangement.


If the assets are for sale on a asset store, would they not be available for others to buy?

Working with an experienced and reputable Art Studio can be a safe option as well!


Hi, yes at this stage due to budget constraints I cannot afford to arrange for and pay for custom (bespoke) assets.

However in regards to the asset store even though others can use it, it is not a major issue at this stage as I am planning on releasing digital comic books first to establish the storyline and concept of an eventual game.

Praise God I do have some budget for asset store type purchases (for key assets/ backgrounds/ characters)… but all this is very early, exploratory work with the digital comic books.

As for it being an unsual request, that’s good, it means my storyline might be unique (but actually it is based on the Bible :)). Nonetheless have you seen items like on the Daz3D Shop? They have some crazy stuff there. Yes it’s mainly girls and costumes but some nice fantasy and sci-fi stuff. They’re planning to move to realtime assets: …so more opportunities for asset creators, which I think is good.

Cheers all for the responses, will see how this thread goes.

I see: thanks for the clarification. Good luck!


Cheers… :slight_smile:

You can find some of the assets here

I can make your models for a good price if you want.

or PM

Thanks for replies, will consider accordingly.