Looking for full time developers

My company is looking for 2/3 main unreal developers to start an Android/PC videogames branch.
This is a full time work prorposal and requires a constant presence in our offices in Italy, Bari (remote work hardly acceppted).
Please post here your previous works/experience if interested and able to meet our requirement. Please provide your aspirations.

Currently no game type is chosen, it will be done after the hirings.

send me a private message

I would love to work with you guys, almost as much as I would love to move to Italy as it is one of my favorite places in the world but alas we are locked down here in Canada. That being said if you are willing to work with an incredible team remote while you search for those devs to move to Bari please let me know!

Hi minimalistico, please check your inbox

hi. I am from turino. Check your inbox

I am from turino. sent u a pm