Looking For Friends


I am looking for friends or a great place to go look for them. Does anyone know of some good Discord chat groups that I can get an invite too?

I am a gamer and I have a lot of gamer friends but recently I have been trying to make my own game and I need people that hang out and TALK about things like that. I have found one so far but I don’t think people are very friendly in there and looking to just chat about making games.

So if you know of any good place to get into contact with a people of like mind please let me know, eventually when I prototype my game out I will be back here looking for help, because I can’t do everything myself!


Hey man! I could have practically typed your post myself. While I don’t have a dedicated discord of my own, I do have access to a private one I share with some other gamers. Would love to bash heads with you and talk development! email me for info:

Hey guys I’m just about in the same boat! Long time gamer and experienced Java dev here, making the transition to C++ and getting into game development! Would like to have a couple like-minded peers to trade ideas with, etc. Add me on discord: blahberrys#8545 (let me know you’re from ue with a message!)

Meet me here and we can talk about development goals and training schedules.

In a few months I will have some paid positions available and if you’re hard enough working you may be able to get to the front of that line.

Hey guys, I have a discord up for game dev discussion but UE4 won’t let me link a URL.

It’s BtF6vw

Or just friend me at Pheromones#2631 and I’ll invite you. I have my own project in the works, easy to complete a rough draft but fairly ambitious overall. I’ll likely be bankrolling the thing months down the road with paid positions, but currently am just looking to meet others.

Please add me on Discord #Pheromones2631 and I will direct you to my page for Devs. UE4 forums won’t let me post URL’s for some reason. I’m the same as you guys, but I’m a bit down the road on the framework for a team and active project. In any case we can talk about it and what you guys have going on.

Hi men! Lets group together. I’m FE senior developer but always wanted to switch to gamedev.

Hi guys! I’m FE senior developer (+ C# experience) with 5+ years and I always wanted to switch to gamedev. We don’t have gamedev education here, only outsource companies.