Looking for freelance for low complexity VR experiences for B2B

My company is not trying to make games, instead we are doing B2B implementations that help companies sell. These can include demonstrations, tours of locations, and visualizations of data (think inforgraphics). So far we have built some UE experiences that are really not much more than detailed custom rooms (Archviz) with specific interactions: play a video, launch a new room, engage with content.

As of this month we have multiple projects in the pipeline and would like to see if we can find some developers open to some freelance. Please feel free to reach out to me through this forum, or and I can provide more details, rates, and other information.


Hey @sgtcarrot are you open to working with a skilled team of developers on this? We’ve got some guys with years of Arch Viz and Unreal experience that would be a perfect fit for what you’re working on over there. I’ll reach out with some more details. Cheers!

Take a look at this project…

contact me if you need any help…