Looking for Freelance Artists With Hard Surface Experience

cView Studios LTD is a start-up founded by game industry veterans with over 20 years of experience who are still driven by a strong passion for game art and technology.

We’re looking for freelance artists to participate in creating AAA visuals for our clients, currently mostly hard surface work.

  • You should have several years of professional experience in high quality hard surface modeling.
  • Excellent PBR texturing skills (Substance Painter is a strong plus)
  • In-depth knowledge of the baking pipeline to achieve flawless results.
  • Expertise in shading group handling for different requirements (fully smoothed vs. using hard edges with UV cuts to achieve “flat” normal maps with less gradients & edited vertex normals techniques).
  • Balanced optimization of continuous / contiguous vs. intersecting mesh parts.
  • Work on published games with a PBR engine is a strong plus.
  • ZBrush or Mudbox sculpting skills are a plus.

Send your portfolio and availability per week to joanna{æ}cview-studios.]com and we’ll be in touch (we might need several working days to come back to you).

Hello, my name is Giovani and I saw the job offer and decided to apply for this job. I haven’t worked on game jobs in companies yet but I have a good idea of what it is like.
I can easily do the hard surface process in Blender in a simple and fast way, I can assure you that I will do it with the same quality as the company.
My Portifolio : [ArtStation - Giovani De Souza]

Hi guys!

I have experience in Hard Surface.

Worked on projects ARK, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Lost Sector (PBR engine).

My Artstation page: ArtStation - Maksim Shukan