Looking for FPS Character Animator and Technical Artist for Killing, My Friend

Killing, My Friend
Killing, My Friend is a first person co-op arcade shooter with the over-the-top movie realism and stunts of classic action movies. The game pits four action movie stars against hordes of extras, lieutenants, henchmen, and arch-nemesis. Each map is made up of cliché movie gunfight settings where players team up and battle it out alongside other players online or locally. With an emphasis on style, the players attempt to complete a variety of gameplay objectives and survive to the end. At the same time they compete with their fellow action movie stars to get kills while performing stunts to quickly build their Fame and unlock new powers.
Killing, My Friend flew through Steam Greenlight and was greenlit in just 11 days. We are currently working towards our first alpha tests to be ready for a Q4 Steam Early Access release. Check out our gameplay trailer from last year(it’s changed a lot since then!) for an idea of what the game is about:


Hard-Boiled Software LLC
We are a new independent game developer from the minds that brought you Action Half-Life and Double Action: Boogaloo. The team at Hard-Boiled Software have experience shipping and maintaining popular mods and building communities. We have a great mixture of industry vets with AAA titles under their belt, mod scene pioneers and new talent.
We are currently looking for additional team members who are willing to work for compensation as residuals based on a percentage of what the game makes post launch. Residuals would be paid for a set amount of time. Think of it as a high intensity, schedule driven mod team with compensation at the end. Sign up as an independent contractor with a clear definition of your compensation and sign our NDA. Be a proactive and responsive communicator. Be professional and willing to take direction from the designers and leads.

We’re looking for people with a passion for games. Great communication skills are important and you must have decent grasp of English grammar, and be consistently available through email and Slack chat. The self-motivated and proactive are a priority. Professionalism is key.(Psst, this is where we remind you this isn’t actually a mod. People are counting on you.) And lastly, creativity and the ability to collaborate. Everyone on our team contributes to the design of the game to some extent, and you must be willing to give and take constructive criticism.

Positions Available

3d Animator – First Person Shooter experience
To apply, you must:

  • Have good animation skills in Maya
    - Having experience with view models for a FPS a big plus!!!
  • Understand IK and FK Plus rigging and creating Rigs from Scratch
  • Understanding of Skinning
  • Time to dedicate to the project
  • Professional portfolio demonstrating strong core art skills is required
  • Experience rigging and animating bipedal characters and weapons
  • Technical understanding of animations and their use for player feedback
  • Experience with Unreal 4, the UE4 Animation and Rigging tool and the ability to import animations and set up animation trees a plus!

Technical Artist / UE4 Specalist
We are looking for a versatile and experienced Technical Artist who loves inventing, implementing and troubleshooting,. You are a consummate problem solver and boundary crosser who loves working with peers from production, art, design, and technical development.
To apply you must:
-Have focused attention on the end user experience
-Have working knowledge of UE4 and Blueprints
-Demonstrable experience in 3D asset creation
-Have a strong team attitude
-Expert in modern 3D modeling tools such as Autodesk Maya, SoftImage and Z-Brush
-Professional portfolio demonstrating strong core art skills is required
-Able to create high-quality 3D models, realistic next-gen textures and set pieces, for real-time -rendering, based on the needs of the project
-Be proficient at high to low-poly modeling, optimizing 3D models for real-time rendering
-Be comfortable researching and creating new content as required

How To Apply
Our website can be found here: http://killingmyfriendgame.com If you are interested in joining our team please send a resume and portfolio to dwaynedouglass@hard-boiledsoftware.com Please use the subject line “Killing, My Friend - <Job Title>” to indicate your desired position. We will be evaluating all applicants based on their resumes and portfolio submissions. We would like all applicants to submit a small portfolio of recent work, demonstrating their skillset. Released mods or game are great, and unfinished and student projects are also acceptable. Let us know what you contributed to any videos, screenshots, or game builds, you use for examples. Also, feel free to ask any questions at all. We intend to respond to all applications, and would love to answer any question you might have!

Thank you,
Dwayne Douglass aka oddjob (Project Lead)

Just a quick bump as we’re still looking!