Looking for FPS Animators and Programmers

Work Animator :

Need to make animations for weapons , granades and some other little things we will discuss later.

**Programmer : **

Need to be experienced in multiplayer games , weapon system , inventory and animations .

Paid Job

For contact , add novaway#7156 on Discord .

Hi this is Félix I´m a professional animator/rigger looking for my next project.

This year I´ve worked for GenDesign (Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus) new game´s prototype and Instinct games (Ark survival Evolved)

Here is my reel (unfortunatelly I cant upload my work from this years projects since they haven´t been released yet)


Password: itsmemario](

(My rigging skills are focused for game characters, including weapons, cloths, and a setup animator friendly. Unfortunately I´m not able to
make complex facial riggs)

If you have any question dont hesitate sending a message

If you have any question dont hesitate sending me a message,