Looking for extra 3D modelers of any skill.

Hello! I have been working on a project, and Blender is my primary source of models. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me with it. When it gets released it will be a public project that anyone can contribute to, and I plan on adding many items.

The project is simple, and I did it just for fun, it is a simple program/game where you can design weapons out of hundreds of parts. Rifle parts, handgun parts, launcher parts, melee parts, anything. Another reason I am asking for help from more than just me, is because I would like to see ideas other people could contribute to this project. It will be free, so there isn’t any payment or anything, it is just a community project for fun, and is quite casual. So if you are interested, let me know. Also I have a Steam group just for this, so if you are on Steam and would like to join the group send me a friend request (so long as you aren’t a private profile and have a level above 0), and I will invite you.

Here is a video demonstrating the system: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Hi JTrocks55

I’m a huge proponent for modular entity systems and pondered over a modular FPS SciFi Weapons system for years. By chance is this project a Editor App used to assemble such Weapons? Are any of the weapon components animated?

**Gunvertor Weapon System

GunVertor Weapon Components:

  1. Chamber: The Weapon Core Component in which other components connect into. It is the mechanism loads ammunitions from the ammunition storage into the weapon, applies motivational force, directs ammunition through the barrel, and ejects ammunition byproducts. Chambers effect the amount, type and speed of loading ammunitions.
  2. Barrel: Projects the ammunition. Barrels effect ammunition range and dispersion. Long Barrels produce long range/ narrow dispersion; Shorter Barrel produces short range/wide dispersion. Barrels also provide a ‘heat sinking’ for the weapon.
  3. Loader: Can be attached to the barrel or magazine. Loads ammunition with Hand2.
  4. Trigger: Control mechnism that activates Firing Unit/Mechanism. The Trigger determines how the user can fire the weapon. A weapon can posses multiple triggers.
  5. Firing: Unit This component provides motivational force to a ammunition. High Quality Firing Units can project ammunition a great speeds long distances.
  6. StockGrip: Absorbs Recoil. Recoil can effect weapon handling and accuracy. High Quality Stocks can absorbs greater amounts of recoil. Handgrip attaches to player.
  7. Magazine: Magazine PowerCell Canister are storage components. These components effect Ammunition Refill/Recharge speed and Storage Quantity
  8. AmmoMeter: A 3D HUD Display for Ammo Count associated with the magazine.
  9. Scope: A HUD accessory component that assist in visibility of the target (ie: Zoom, Infrared, Thermovision)
  10. Sight + Cursor: A HUD accessory component that assists in targeting object. Displays Targeting Cursor.
  11. Distorter: This accessory attaches to the Barrel of the weapon to muffle sound of Solid Ammunitions or change the visual characteristics of Energy Ammunitions.
  12. Bayonet: This Blade Weapon accessory attaches to the barrel of the weapon and used as melee weapon.
  13. Deflector (not shown): This accessory attaches to the Chamber or Barrel providing defense shield capability."

Hello TechLord,

No parts are animated as of now, but I hope to have all kinds of gadgets and the like in the final version. As for what it is, yes. It is basically an app/editor just for fun. It won’t really have any objectives, just building cool weapons! It will however, if I figure it out, have a target practice with possibly AI to test your own weapon out on.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in helping with?

I took another look at your system, and that is pretty neat! Though, it is not the type of system I am using. All of the parts can be used anywhere, anyway, and can be freely rotated, scaled, and moved. I will soon add a way to scale parts on each axis individually, but right now you can only scale uniformly.

The parts will also be relatively low poly, and have simple materials. Here is s short video demonstrating the system: Dropbox - File Deleted

I’m a Blueprints Scripter with 3D Arts Skills currently limited to simple geometric shapes. Blender is my 3D app of choice. I’m relying on a technique I’ve dubbed Collage Construction to create more complex 3D entities. Although, the above system designates parts, it doesnt specify their shape, and I was hoping to employ different techniques to create shape.

If I was to offer a hand, it would be in BP Scripting Dept. Do you have a plan for a Saving/Loading different Weapons configurations?

I actually use Blender as well. Yes I have a system for saving the weapon in the works. I know how to do it and how it works, I just haven’t got to doing it yet, but will be tomorrow. All I need is 3D models or even drawings (of course you are welcome to mess with the project itself). Just new inspirations from different perspectives. However if you can provide materials, or blueprints, that would be fine too. I am more than happy to work with you on this.

Also, that system looks really interesting. How well is its performance? Does it lag any?

With regard to rendering, SLOT I/O is only performance extensive as UMG. The primary operation of reading/writing directory/file data to game save objects is as fast as one would expect. I designed SLOT I/O specifically for in-game Editor Applications in which the need to save multiple files is necessary as my second Task. I would anticipate other entity assembly editors to spawn to customize props, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Perhaps a short video on how the systems works will encourage more 3D Artist to join. Some imagery on how the system works with weapons parts theme (ancient,modern,scifi) would be helpful. My greatest curiosity is in how the parts are attached/detached.

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Hi Jtrocks,
Im wondering what ever happened with this. Did you complete it and if so where can i find it.