Looking for experinced UE4 blueprint user for putting a game together of 4 years called "time"

My game called “Time” inspired by portal and similar but with time mechanics has 90% of the content it needs to be a full game that can now be put together to be complete. I’m pretty much a one man team with no team officially and why im looking for help bcuz progress is (too) slow as you can imagine. If you are interested and available to help you can PM me and we can go from there although you can reach me directly on *skype *at “undergrads99”. Although this is free, anyone who helps me successfully gets the game and it’s future sequels free (although for help like this i’d like to pay instead usually, but already spent my budget for a previous part of the game) but if my game sells well im willing to share some of the profit. Any questions you have, feel free to ask.

A blog about the game with a lot of content for you to see:

My goal: to finish this game by the summer and put it on steam as soon as it’s ready
What im looking for:

-Menu work
-A Level Design

Your name will go in the credits under your real name if you want it there



Best Regards