Looking for experienced gameplay/animation programmer (using ALS)

As the title says i am looking for a Blueprints programmer!

Engine: UE4

Code: BP (blueprints)

Skills Needed: Good understanding of how animations work and the way they are set up with a generalization of game play programming (if you have knowledge of the ALS pack and how it works then you are perfect for the job!)

Tasks: you will be adding onto the ALS pack and fixing/correcting the last programmers work.

brief description: You’re going to be working with a character that has 3rd person game play along with true 1st person game play. gun play will have aim down sights (in first person) and then aiming with cross hairs (in third person). The character will need to have hand IK fixed/corrected along with a list of other things (we can discuss further after being contacted)

Budget: Contact me and we can discuss how much you charge for your services.

Contact me via:

Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Discord: JesseSchooly#4131

Reddit: broj1583

Hello, I want to share my experience working with Jesse Schooly:
I’ve did some spaceship concept art in December, everything was fine until the time that he has to pay me, when he stopped answering my messages, I tried to contact him in discord, email, reddit… And I’m still waiting to be paid.
I don’t recommend working with him.

Hey, I am sorry for the loss.
It would be great if you could post some screenshots or proof so that no other person will fall for it.

Folks, just reminder, this topic is not place for such discussion.
If you have scam to report please add it there:

And update your post here with link to it.