Looking for Experienced Environment Artist to Create Large Island


My name is Nick and I’m the owner of Thrillride Games. I’m currently looking for someone to create a low poly (faceted) environment for my game. As for some details about the environment, I’d like it to be around 200,000 x 200,000 cm big. It will have 6 caves, 3 small villages, 4 mountains and 5 rivers. I’d like the inside of the caves to be around 30,000 cm big, if possible. The player’s height is 200 cm, so the height in the caves would have to be big enough for the player to walk. For the pathways on the island, I’d like it to just be rectangular stepping stones that are connected. I will provide a layout for this environment to give you a better idea of where everything should be. Also, please only contact me if you qualify with the following:

  • Have experience with low poly modeling
  • Have experience with environment modeling
  • Have the time to take on this big project

If all of this sounds good to you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss a price!


Hey Nick, we have some great experience with this visual style and I would love to chat further. IT is such a nice breath of fresh air compared to what we do a lot of the time so we’re all excited at the chance to work with you on this!

I do not recommend doing business with this individual as I sent them a rough mock up of the environment for feedback and direction as it was the first time working with them. They did not respond nor pay for the work they commissioned.

you see here His name used to be JOHN? Now its Nick?