looking for experienced Coders and UE4 Users to join team

Hi, My name is Trevor and my team and i are looking for a few programmers to join our team and our project on ue4. We have just switched to this engine from unity for this project for many reasons, overall because its better and faster for a large project we are looking to build. However our programmers that we have arent used to the engine and we need more as well for such a project. So we would love for any programmers who also has experience in UE4 to join our team as a programmer and if possible, teach a bit to the couple programmers we have as of now. If anyone is interested please let me know, you can contact me at mooneytrevor@gmail.com

Thank you

You should use the recruiting template here from the forum and tell the people what youre project is, what the team is at least the payment you offer. Otherwise no serious people will respond to youre thread.