Looking for experienced blueprinters!

Hello, we are a team of 6 people, (2 modeller) (one sound designer) (one guy who knows his way around photoshop xd (for icons, etc) ) (2 world designers) but we don’t really know our way around unreal engine4 's blueprinting system, and we have a lot of work that we can’t really do, because there are no good guys who know their way around blueprinting.

so we thought that if you are interested in the work, we can pay $5 / kind of easy blueprint $10 for hard blueprints.

so if you are interested in the work, feel free to email me SimiglaRoland@gmail.com
add me on skype: Roland Simigla (Hungary, No prof picture)

This is not the place for recruitment threads.

Looking for experienced blueprinters!

1.)Who Are We?

We are a small team, with:
2 Modellers, they know their way around blender pretty well, they are not the best, but they can do their job! :slight_smile:
2 World Designers, they can do pretty good landscape i’m very impressed :open_mouth:
1 guy who knows his way around photoshop, so he can do pretty good icons for stuff :smiley:
1 sound designer kind of guy, he can do it good , but he needs some training :smiley:

but the point is that we don 't know our way around blueprinting and scripting! we are kinda stuck with the scripts :frowning:

2.)Looking for people

who are pretty exprerienced with scripting/blueprinting, can speak english pretty well.
if you are interested, add me on skype, and we can talk about the money you get for it.

3.)What game are we making?

The Ultimate competitive tower defense 2v2

it’s just a tower defense game like epic’s strategy game , but in competitive mode with a ranked system
and the basic stuff towers, you spawn your minions,(more types)
random gold appears at points of the game and you have to be the faster to click it so you get the money, not the enemy
and much more!
(name is not given for it yet :D)

4.) Contact us

if you are interested, feel free to add us on skype: roland simigla (no profile picture, from hungary)
or send us an email: SimiglaRoland@gmail.com

If you’re going to pay that low then you might as well ask people to do it for free.

The only way I’d do a ‘hard’ bp for $10 would be selling it in the marketplace for that. A full fledged combat system is worth more than $10 if you’re expecting exclusive rights. Now, $3 for a tower BP or something really easy like that? Not the best paycheck I’ve ever seen, but a lot better than your ‘hard’ price. I’d be willing to work with you, and I’m not going to overcharge- but charging per BP isn’t the best route .

i have edited the post, i knew that the prices are too low, my teammates told me to give that

Also, your skype contact leads to three skype accounts with no profile picture from hungary.

because all three is me. i know this is kinda funny but all three is me

Yep there is a forum section specifically for this type of thing. Also $5 doesn’t get you very far with experienced programmers.For example I do web development consulting and charge $150US an hour.

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