Looking for experienced blueprint programmer for portal inspired game "Time"

Greetings gamers,;base64

Time is a first person puzzle-platform game project started years ago but most of the work done in the last 3 years taking its inspiration from just portal 1 which it shares a lot of similarities with including being a very simple game with the main difference being Time Mechanics instead of portals as the main concept.

In terms of roles im looking for someone can at least do blueprints for everything a game like Portal 1 requires i.e. A.I. ,Sound Design, Menu work, etc, but remember for now my game is not very big even like Portal 1 so not as much work is required. Not necessarily looking for total pro devs but experienced enough for this kind of project and can do the most of all categories. I want it to be clear that although im not very experienced as most people with UE4 & BP only being self taught and not very long, i won’t be leaving all the work on the other team member, i’ll be doing the more simple things that i’ve learnt myself for example moving platforms, level building/designing, texturing etc, esp since as creator im the one who knows how the final things should be.

I put this post as Contract & Royalty bcuz the most involved team members of my game project get a share of the profit post completion but at the sametime i wanted it to be clear i would pay for your service since I’ve had better luck finding long-term team members this way than free. I’m looking for someone i can work with all the way to the completion of this game project which is now half way done. I want it to be clear i can only afford to pay one person so as great as it would be to have multiple or all people who reply as apart of my team, it can only be one so Serious and motivated people willing to give some of their time regularly ONLY.

Email is best to contact me but you can also PM here first. Any questions you have, feel free to ask. Disclaimer: I don’t use paypal for payment. Invoice is best.

**Some images of the game’s content:


A short video of gameplay footage showcasing some different assets,elements of the game


Thanks for reading!

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Skype: undergrads99