Looking For Experienced and Non-Experienced Coders, Level Designers, Character Designers & MORE!


***- ****Are you an experienced or non experienced coder looking for a non paid/Loyalty opportunity? *
***- ****Are you an experienced or non experienced Level Designers, Character Designer, 3D *Modeler, Graphic Designer etc.?

What Is Immortal Annihilation’s?

***- **Immortal Annihilation’s is a future upcoming RPG game! We will be starting the developing soon and we are currently working on recruiting staff for the discord server, future in game staff and developers which are the roles i have listed above and which we are currently looking for. We have gotten basic information out for the game and settled a lot of things which can help our game develop greatly. We have teamed up with Headless studios which some of you might know of as they are a big developing company for unreal engine! Our discord server currently has over 250 people in it after an error from a rogue staff member gone insane but we have fixed the server. It used to have over 400 but its alright, we haven’t worried to much on advertising as right now we are making sure we can first create the game and make this game amazing. That is a bit of the background information of the development of the game so far and now lets talk about what we would like to do with this game. *

***- ***So Immortal Annihilation’s will be a mobile game kind of like Knights and Dragons & Dead Trigger 2 is what we were thinking at the start. Making it half FPS and half RPG possibly. You will first spawn into the game and see the main base which will have the armory, gold mines, your profile, arena dome & clan base. Also there will be a menu button and the top of your screen you will be able to see your gold, gems, level etc. We will be working on the main base and ui first and then we will move onto the things which will make our game the best. This is where some of the FPS will come in hand. So you will have different weapons and armors with different stats and when you go into campaign mode there will be a bunch of monsters you have to kill to get to the next level but if your armors and weapons arent strong enough you will easily get killed. It will be strategy fps but also you will need good stuff. This is were the Dead Trigger 2 type feeling will come into play. Next there will be the Arena which will be auto fights and whoever is the strongest will be at the top of the arena leader boards because everybody you beat you take there position and the person you beat moves down one spot etc. each arena will last a week or too (TBD) Then there will be the tournaments which will be every week! It will be clan tournaments. Whoever is in your clan will be who is in your tournament, you will declare war and when another clan declares war and is around the same size you will be matched against that clan. How the scoring will work is that there is leaders, co leaders and clan moderators in the clan. Each is different points obviously leader will give the most points all the way to just regular members. It will be auto fight style just like arena except you only have 5 energy which is max and can be regenerated over time. Here is just some of the simple outlines of the game. There will be more in the game. Also we are thinking of changing this to instead of one guy and armors and weapons being 3 of your best monsters which you can get. We will see what people are thinking.

How To Become Apart Of The Immortal Annihilation’s Team

***- Option #1 - Add my discord "RockettPvP#3436" or join the discord server and DM myself or one of the developers asking for an interview by first explaining what you can do, and that you came from my Unreal Engine forums post.
  • Option #2 - Email my email @ and answer these questions :
    How did you find out about Immortal Annihilation’s?
    What Position are you applying for? (Coder, Designer etc.)
    Any Past work I could see?
    How long have you been working with Unreal Engine?
    What do you want to accomplish with being in Immortal Annihilation’s?
    Have you worked for any other companies before?
    Are you aware we will need your full self when working?
    Rate Your skills from 1-10?
    Any Additional Information? Your Talents?

  • Option #3 - Leave a comment on this post using the format I included above ^ (I may not be able to get back to you as fast if you use this option.)***