Looking For Epic Music?

Hi guys. I’m just starting with UE4. I don’t have too much experience - just a general knowledge.
However, I’m a pretty good music composer (or they say so).
If you are looking some music to your project you can feel free to ask.
At the moment i have break in composing. Just because i don’t have a purpose of doing that, but if that’s possible, to join some (community) team. That might have change. :slight_smile:

There are some demos.
(some of them are not finished)

Very good, LOTR style

If this is your own, than you are a very good composer

I like it

Could you compose something like this ? Or could you record your own version of it, then make that available?

Well, Thank You. I take inspiration from professional soundtrack composers, like Kai Rosenkranz, Hans Zimmer or John Williams. Or like you just mentioned - Howard Shore :slight_smile:
And know from EPIC :smiley:

Can I compose something like this overture? It would be very, very challenging. If you could tell me for what scene it would be, then I can “copy” the instruments and try to make something up.
I rather preffer something like this:

The thing is, I’m sadly not there yet but i developing already a sense for the scenery and music. Currently i starting UE (begun last month) with a shooter, but my main target is RPG development. Thus, once i got there i want some musical interpretation in the sense of Wagner or Rachmaninoff.

The videos you posted above are interesting, i will listen to it carefully and will get back to you, later - maybe next month.


Well, in meantime i’ll take this challenge. It will be a good practice for me anyway.
I don’t know how long it’ll take. - I still study UE4’s tutorials from epic :slight_smile:


My thread:

Please add me on skype: defiledx1


Hey, had a listen and it sounds good Ghan!

Wow… your music is very nice! It’s a lot better quality than a lot of the other free stuff out there. Nice work!

Ghan, are there any updates? I work now on a fantasy game and i would love to use your music. Maybe you like to join the team? PM me if interested, thanks!

You need a Soundcloud Ghan