Looking for environments to light up!

Hi all,

Looking for a bit of community help and guidance! Up until quite recently, I was a lighting designer for theatre and architecture, and I’m in the midst of trying to move myself into the games or arch-vis industry applying my skills to the digital world. I have gained a degree now in Video Games Art, but I really want to focus my portfolio on what I do with lighting, so I’m trying to find some scenes that have already been built that I can do lighting studies in.

Would anyone be willing to share scenes they have built that I can light for them, as long as they’re happy for me to use images in my portfolio of course (obviously with links and credits to the artists who have built it in the first place!) or does anyone know of any interesting free scenes available online? I am Googling away as well as I type this, but this is a wonderful community and it feels silly not to ask here as well :slight_smile:

Any help or pointers here is hugely appreciated, thanks all!

Check out the Marketplace. There’s a ton of free stuff from Epic, but they also give away new content every month by making it free forever or for the one month only.