Looking for environment artist, Sound engineer, and lighting designer.

Hello, my name is Dakota Smith, and I work in a 2 man design team. We are currently looking for a freelance lighting artist primarily, a second level designer, and a sound engineer to create ambience.

Game specifics will not be discussed without signed NDA. Interview will ensue via skype, and discussion’s of payment will be addressed. Professionals only, or pursuing profession in the craft. 18+ years old, with experience required. Must be United states resident. Portfolio will be required and examined in the interview.

Genre: Survival Horror
Setting: Mid 90’'s
Player perception: variety of emotion ranging from Isolation to insecurity.
Hook: Realistic game environment interaction mixed with abstract spaces and situations. AI that adapts to learned behavior, and variety in contrast with other AI Enemies.

Hey, I’m a 3D environment artist and level designer that might be able to help you, here is my website: please contact me on if you feel I can help.

Hi Dakota,

I sent you a personal message inquiring about the sound engineer position.

Sound engineer position now filled.

Hi there,

You know if it weren’t for the nationality I feel my skillset would be perfect for this assignment. Is there a chance you’d be willing to consider candidates of other nationalities?

the problem with other nationalities is not personal but contractual. I have to cover my bases legally to protect my project. if a case were to arise in another country, my lawyer could not pursue it. I hope you understand.

@Nightlocke I sent you a PM regarding the lighting artist role.

Sent you a PM