Looking for docs on exactly what happens with game events

I spent a bunch of time recently figuring out problems I was having. I was wondering whether there is a good link for docs for the various framework classes and how they work, what order they fire in etc.

I read what was in the online docs but it didn’t clarify for me what problems I was having (could be may fault for just being thick, but bear with me) - I’d like to know in some detail how it works when I launch the game, for instance. Which of the framework classes is created first?, does its beginplay event fire before other classes even exist?, this sort of thing.

The particular issue which was messing up my day was that I was unclear on the fact that on loading a level using the blueprint node it actually destroys and recreates the game mode, player class etc. and re-fires their beginplay events.

I figure that I could try to work this out by looking in the code itself, but I also wonder if there are other ue4 newbs who may have the same confusion (especially if not familiar with ue3 or relevant experience) and some more official docs or handy tutorials might help.

Hope someone has some nice info for me, I shall be inspecting the example content and online tutorials in the meantime. :slight_smile: