Looking for direction

Hi there, just looking for a bit of help, not sure if I am in the right thread.

So basically in a nutshell, I designed a small town. In this town are lots of NPC’s with quests. This poor town is about to be raided by bandits, they are asking the public(you) for help to reinforce the city before they come.

This would be a 3 week cycle presuming each phase met the criteria to enter the next phase.

Week 1: Players complete all reinforcement quests the designated amount of times needed. (I have phase 1 100% finished)

Week 2: The city has taken on new shapes, and sizes. NPC’s are giving out new quests to achieve week 3 cycle. if unable to complete week 2 you skip to cool down week.

Week 3: city is fully built, ready for bandits

Week 4: cool down period - reset to week 1.

I want to have different phases of the city. So after week one the city changes, and looks reinforced from players efforts if a certain amount of the quest , etc. Would I take my city and double it into another zone, add on my “reinforcements” to the zone 2 city? I’m not sure how, or if its even possible to do it all in blueprints, I figure I’ll have to do some in C++.

Do I make 3 zones for each week, different look for the city, and different quest npc’s, and story per zone? How would I go about switching an entire zone to the next if criteria is met? I was thinking of creating a counter variable, each quest would count for so many points, when the points reached the variable cap it would trigger the next phase, and so on.
Just trying to get some ideas, or pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for any help provided,

For buildings make them as blueprint that reacts to what phase city is in. Then make event dispatcher, bind all building (and prop) blueprints to that event, fire it with parameter (enumerator) that tells which week (phase) it is.

NPcs are bit more complicated. But if they return to buildings for night, each building could destroy npc and create new one next morning with appropriate phase.

This way you can fine tune building by building, you also dont need whole town to test if it all works.

awesome, thanks!

Definitely all possible with blueprints, you shouldn’t have to jump into C++ for any of what you are looking to achieve.