Looking for developrs

Hello, we’re looking for developers to make a game with.
-We do not pay, as we have just started working. Everyone is welcome, even beginners, it will be a great opportunity for you to challenge your skills, and make it to the next level. :slight_smile:

Just as a personal opinion, I think you should give a general description or at least a genre what your game is about (is it a shooter? space simulator? arcade jump n run?) and what kind of developers you are looking for (C++ programmer? Blueprint programming? Asset developer? Game design? Ai? UMG? Procedural levels?) to give people some indication whether your project would be something they’d be interested in aswell as whether the reader is interested in the development tasks you want them to do.

As an example, even for money i wouldn’t be interested in being a developer for a modern soccer game since i’d have no passion for it because i find modern soccer video games utterly boring. If i were to contact you and you told me it’s a soccer game then i’d say no and both your and my time would be wasted. If you had written that you were looking for soccer game developers then i would’ve known that i didn’t need to contact you in the first place.

Nevertheless, good luck and happy coding!:slight_smile:

We haven’t decided yet as I’m planning something really big. Briefly, we’re looking for all kinds of developers. If you’re still interested, however, we could talk on discord for more information.
Yeah, you’re right, I should have explained everything but at the moment it’s impossible. I’d really appreciate your help, as we’re in need of men power.

You’re going about it backwards. We don’t know what you need because you haven’t stated what you planned. Without game concept you cannot plan. Without the plan, you cannot generate tasks for the manpower. I know this from personal experience. Which is why my Recruitment Thread has a lot of juicy details about the game concept to get game devs interested. Another reason to tell us what the game is, because developers need to love your game idea first, before joining you.

You also dont want everyones ideas. Yes, I understand you want to be fair, but game dev doesnt work well like that. It would be a massive challenge just coordinating and selecting ideas. Once you select the ideas, you’ll have to implement them. When you start implementing and quickly realize, theres a sh!t-ton of work to do. Set down the foundation of what the game will be. If you dont know that yet, start with game that inspired you to get into game dev? It can be copy cat clone, but better than nothing.

The are plenty of ways for developers to challenge their skills other than working on a free or rev-share game. Speaking of skills, you have not explained what skills you are personally offering to development. As a free/rev-share game, you have to personally possess two or more game dev skills (I recommend BP Scripting and 3D Animation), if you want to make progress on your game concept. You have to be more than just an Idea Guy in a Game Developers Forum. Everyone here has their own game ideas to work on.

I also learned not say the following when recruiting ‘Everyone is welcome, even beginners’, because you’ll just end up with beginners. And you wont get anywhere because nobody knows how to get anywhere (because you have no plan). You will be in development limbo forever as devs come and go. There is no harm in stating you want experienced game devs. You can state it like so ‘Everyone is welcome, UE4 experience is a plus!’.

I discovered you need more than a 3D Artists, you need 3D Artists that know how to get their work in UnrealEngine, and how to use UE4 to make their work look even more amazing and optimized. That goes for all the media content creators. They need to know how to do things in UE4 the Unreal Way.

Game Dev is hard, even with the power of UE4, and building a team with nothing to offer is harder then developing with UE4 solo. Recommend you update with an idea of the game you’re planning.