Looking for developpers to create Money mod

Dear gents,

I am not a developer, but I am in a staff who manage a french website about ARK (2500 to 5000 visit per day).

The main ask is if any mod exist to create the money.

I have an idea about it:

  • Create a marketplace who provide money in exchange of items (I am creating the price for each item)
  • Create a exchange console and players can exchange items/money by it.
  • Create a small safe-deposit box who stock your money.
  • In PvP, If all your money is on you, if you dead or are unconscious,the other guys can take it. The safe-deposit box can be broken too.

Please let me know if anyone is interrested to create this mod,


There are already a handful of mods that have an economy built in, or a trade system like you defined. My mod is actually one of them :P. I’m actually going to be reworking the economy system of it completely starting tonight so if you check out my page and let me know what you are looking for or how my mod can help you I would love some direct input on how you would use it. Steam Workshop::Kronos' Trade Center v1.22 (WIP)

Feel free to add me on steam if this interests you and we can talk more.

It will be with pleasure to speak with you about your Mod, I already sent the invitation to my steam. I will can explain you the Idea and we will see how to put this in your mod :wink:

Speak you soon,