Looking for development team

Hello there, My name is Nathan and I’ve been designing a social online game influenced by “The Sims Online”, “Second Life”, and “Wurm Online”. I have a very ambitious goal set ahead for myself but with the right help I know my dream can become a reality.

The basic idea:

A multiplayer social game hosted on a main “world” which would consist of many different servers interacting to provide a seamless one world experience. In this world, users will be able to rent property and can more or less design it whatever way they wish. The content which would be available to the users would consist of developer designs as well as approved player made designs. I like the idea that Second Life has with allowing users to create content and sell it in the game, however I believe that there’s much too much “trashy” or “unappealing” content that floods their servers. The players would be able to sell their items in our virtual world for whatever price they choose. They can then exchange that credit for real currency with a small royalty charge. Eventually I would like to implement more content that would appeal to the general public and would serve as a sort of “3D” Medium in which users could navigate the internet. Through this, I’d like to gain the financial security to do amazing things with the company, and better people’s lives in whatever way I think possible. I know an online social game sounds like an odd place to do that, but you have to start somewhere, and I’ve come up with a plan that I know will lead to some really awesome things.

What I need:
I need an entire development team at this point. I’m going to need a network programmer, sound artist, character modeler, scene modeler, and a content programmer. I would also have use for a marketing expert since I plan on starting a kickstarter which will pay for the programming.

What you will get from this: I plan on putting together an amazing team of talented individuals who are not only financially secure, but also motivated in every aspect of their life to be the best they can be. I plan on doing my part to make sure the team, myself included, are pumped up and wake up BEFORE the alarm because they are actually excited about what’s planned for the next day. I know this will take a lot of work, but I promise it’ll be worth it in the end.

The Bottom Line: Whether it be now, or 10 years in the future, this project is going to happen, and it’s going to be successful. I’ve decided to provide the opportunity to everyone who takes the time to read this to become part of something I am passionate about making successful. I want to lead a company to amazing success, and change the world for the better by doing so, but it needs to start somewhere, and an online social game is where I believe that is. Feel free to provide feedback or let me know if I’ve missed anything. I am always looking for constructive feedback. If you simply like the idea but don’t think you’d like to participate, I encourage you to at least provide some positive encouragement! I really do want to better other people’s lives, and I believe I am meant to start here.

Anyways, if you read through all of this, Thank-you for taking the time to listen to my idea. I am so excited for the future and even more so to see where it takes me! If you’re interested in helping out, send me an email at and let me know what you would like to contribute! Whether it be simple advice, some help programming/designing, or even a donation, I would appreciate anything! Anyways, thanks again, and Stay positive!