Looking for Development Team for New Online Multi Player Game

We are an existing hedge fund called Alphabit and based in the UK.

Looking for an entire development team with VR experience to build from scratch an online semi massive game.
Limited amounts of players will enter into a multi-verse type environment and fight each other using weapons, spells etc to conquer a flag.

There are 2 x 3D Character modeler, Texture and Environment Artists with additional strength in the areas of 2D backgrounds and Concept design who we are currently in negotiations with.

There will be 3rd party team involved with regards to online purchases and payments etc.

NDA’s will need to be signed before further information can be discussed.

Please PM if you have what it takes. Portfolio’s and CV’s will be required and due diligence carried out.

Hey guys, this sounds liek something right up our alley. We have experience on the online side, experience on the VR side and we’ve been developing in Unreal since the very early days of the beta. I’ll send you a PM now but feel free to check us out at

Hi Gamechanger69,

Sounds like a very interesting idea. Our art team has good experience in all of these fields of art. I’m sending you a personal message now with more information. Here is a link to our website so you can find out a bit more about us and our work should you be interested.

PM sent. check your inbox