Looking for developers in disadvantaged countries to help you with your game development dreams.

I’m looking for promising developers with new and creative ideas in severely economically challenged areas in the world, for an experimental partnership deal.

My role is to find equipment and funding, without being directly involved in the development process. When an opportunity arrives into the hands of those who have to fight hardest to go from struggling to prosperous, great things tend to happen.

If you live in a place where access to funding and modern technology is a major challenge, and have some great and realistic ideas, please comment below or send me a message.

So like the USA for example? no healthcare or minimum wage? I’ve met some very creative Americans who are doing it really tough atm.

If it wasn’t for the current era, it would be the US, which was my original goal. Americans are under A LOT of pressure from all sides and it has dwindled their entrepreneurial spirit and paralysed their business promise due to fear of speaking their mind. Both sides are so involved in hating each other, it’s not a climate that breeds spectacular results. Now there is a new President, a more polite polarising version of the last. I’m sure that nation will bloom again, but until then, it’s simply far too toxic over there. Kind like a kindergarten filled with wild animals.