Looking for developers C++ \ BP RTS project Global War: Generals

We need middle and junior programmers C ++ \ BP UE4 to create a network game Global War: Generals - a game in the RTS genre.
It is necessary to configure all game components and mechanics to connect a stable network between several players. The core of the game is ready, but needs to be debugged. Many mechanics are currently replicating. There is a lot of work to do with the content. In the video you can clearly see the results for February 2020.

Work experience from 1 year, remote, remote work
pay from $ 720 per month + royalty (payment after from sales of the game)

Programming and tuning game mechanics and logic;
Programming UI and visual effects;
Support for network game code and build health;
Game resource optimization;
Profiling and optimizing games from memory and fps;
Work with UE4 tools: effects, materials, animations;
Artificial Intelligence Development
Development of auxiliary tools (editors of maps, effects, various utilities, etc.).

Love and play games;
Education - higher technical;
Experience in programming C / C ++;
Experience in developing games on Unreal Engine 4;
Experience in developing network games;
Experience with version control systems;
Ability to adhere to standards for code design;
Strong algorithmic training (knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures, the ability to evaluate the complexity of algorithms);
The ability to independently develop a complex software solution - from the study and discussion of requirements to the design of architecture and writing high-quality code;
Ability to work in a team, work with someone else’s code;
Ability to write effective and understandable code;
Understanding of Russian speech / language.

A large bold project that has already established itself around the world;
Working with the project with the support of the and \ portals - large RTS-based e-sports venues;
Free working schedule - we do not consider hours worked and focus only on the result;
Salary on hand after completing tasks;
Possibility of prepayment after completing the first combat missions;
The ability to attend major gamedev events, conferences and exhibitions;
Interesting new challenges;
The opportunity to make a big statement about yourself. [RIGHT]=============================
write me: \
Discord: AIR-Z#5726[/RIGHT]

Added you on Discord, will send resume and portfolio upon request being accepted.

still looking for a developer

the team needs a UE4 developer. Payment \ Royalty

How many hours of work per month are you expecting the $720 to get you?

8h in day during the week

we can agree on 4 hours or any other working hours. accordingly it will affect the payment.
we also consider payment upon completion of tasks

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