Looking for developer to hire!

I am looking for someone that can help me set the physics and mechanics needed to create a game I have long wanted to achieve. You will be paid for the work through preferably Paypal. I want a open-ended physics-based third-person game where the character like in the game Gang Beasts, can move around, use left and right mouse click individually to grab objects and surfaces through right M and Left M. Please contact me if you are up for the job and want to discuss price, I am not a prof game developer and I just want the basics for my game and I am currently working with a designer who is doing the maps, characters etc. Contact me here or by Email: where we go further in detail on what I want done and how much you want in terms of payment for the job.

Sent you an eMail.

  • Linus

Do you already have a GDD put together?