Looking for dedicated gamemakers


No longer looking for job for now


I’m a hobbyist and looking for a project to join. My main focus is 3d modelling (mostly small props and environment assets), recently I’m learning animations.
I had a break in gamemaking, it can happen again, depending on my free time I can spare beside my work and my current enthusiasm level. That’s why I’m offering my work for free, but in return I don’t want to take responsibility and stress. (I have my work for that :). ) Idealy your project had a realistic scope and could be finished without me.
What I would like however is that your project has a dedicated team, maybe some finished project behind them…an environment where we can learn from each other.

Below some models I made some time ago… I tend not to finish them, just mess around, test something, delete and move on… that’s why I don’t have too much to show, one of the reason I’d like to join a project so I could be more focused.

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Dropped you a pm