Looking for dedicated content creators to be part of a new project team.


I am looking for individuals who are available and dedicated to the following areas of content creation to be part of a new team which will create commercial projects and technologies utilizing the Unreal 4 Engine:

-2D Artists
-3D Modelers
-Programmers (Blueprint, C++)
-Audio Engineers
-Game Designers

Please feel free to message me or post here for an invite to the team’s Discord where we will be discussing the next steps in moving forward.

Thank you.

Hey! Just to clarify, what is the payment type?

And what kind of project are we taking about? I am a composer and can connect a sound designer in too. Send an email to so we can talk more :slight_smile:


I am from the Digital Aptech. This is an India based game and app development company. We have team on :
-2D Artists
-3D Modelers
-Programmers (Blueprint, C++)
-Game Designers
So, if you want to hire our resources then you can start any time. My Skype id is - live:subhashis_14

Also wondering if this is a paid contract or royalty to start. Cheers!

This is a non-paid project with the incentives of being paid once the project ships to commercial. We are going to be focusing on the development of the technologies to be used in a variety of projects, all with unique applications in a commercial environment.

So to recap this:
first you are looking for people to work for free for you.
Then you want to use their created work “in a variety of projects…in a commercial environment” wich is pretty vague to say the least. Also I assume you dont provide hardware, software, insurance or anthing for the people you “employ” in youre commercial enterprise, right?
Then only…
a) if you ever reach the commercial stage
b) make profit to share (you can always argue the revenue is eaten up by youre own costs)
c) are willing to share any of the profit (people usually cant afford a lawyer in a foreign country)
…then the people might get any money.

You should really elaborate on youre businessplan, otherwise this sounds pretty much like a tiral for a scam to me.

I also have my head full of ideas and unfortunately I am not able to realize them all as fast as possible because of their high number. Therefore I am still looking for a few interested people who have too much time and deliver results to me, which I can then offer to corresponding customers. Once I have successfully marketed them, I can compensate you for your efforts.
Please PM me for further details.
Thanks in regards

@cgArchitekt: oh wow, now this offering/request of you is the next “great opportunity” for hard working people:

  1. they work for free for you and give you all their work

  2. you can do whatever you like with their work, and the creators obviously cant offer their work by themselfes to “corresponding customers”.

  3. only if you have successfully sold them, then you might compensate the creators for their effors. so no risk at all for just, for the creators. and even more: the creators cant know if you sell their stuff and additionally have the risk that you don’t share any revenue at all you make.

Sorry pal, but this looks not like even a halfway fair deal to me, but just like a variation of the scam as above from Ayscotty.