Looking for cross project sharing.

OK our team is having a bit of a time figuring our how to do cross project sharing of core assets and at the moment I’m assuming this is why the need to install some kind of source control, as in a built in feature called Perforce, that working assets do not disappear when moving from one project to another.

The key requirements are.

  1. Complete visibility in UE4 as to core assets and content and free sharing.
  2. Does not bloat or creates a mirror on the local client.

The general question is some kind of source control required even on a local client?

So your looking for a set of assets that are the same, even if you change projects?

Yes as in someone makes a really cool material it’s available to anyone on the network working on their own projects.

At the moment I’m assuming that this is done by creating Collections and pushing them through source control.

a central networked pc that stores the assets in a shared folder should work for Import/export. everyone would need control for saving into a project “revision” the folder. but read only to pull out of assets so they are not changed through mishap… this way you can share throughout your project and everyone has a base pool of assets to share and a place to store them.

The import feature would work in a small team if it could be trusted that everyone would follow the rules but in our case our team is about 25-30 strong and I expect no one to follow any rules unless forced to do so by some form of source control.

As I mentioned I’m assuming the source control in UE4 is done through Collections where there will not be the need for a UDK type browser.