Looking for creature modeler...

UpRoar Studios is looking for character modelers for our first title Clayborn Clash. It will be a semi-open world environment where the player will have a customizable monster to battle through the world with. We are in need of models, and are looking for those with at least A grade skills to help complete our title. We are not picky and if you can model Pokemon, Digimon or anything as such you will be welcomed with open arms. We will discuss royalties, but since we are a start up we can not afford hourly rates. We have Function, level design, AI, and such already for an alpha. We need you to help us finish by completing our designed characters. Please contact us at for serious inquiries. When in discussion with us about a position, we will be more than happy to show you some WIP, and things that are finished.

Hi UpRoar Studios,

I really like the premise of your game and sincerely wish you the best in recruiting a Creature Modeler. You may discover that 3D Creature/Monster Modelers & Animators Do NOT exists in the Unreal Community. The problem is exponentially increased when seeking a Creature Modeler familiar with modular entity assembly with interchangeable / arbitrary parts and pieces.

To solve this dilemma for my Action Dungeon Crawler, I’m dedicating all of my scripting/programming skill to developing MonstaMASH: A Collaborative Creature Creator w/ inspirations from Spore Creator and many other Customization Systems.

Built on top of our PROTOS Multiuser Construction Framework, I anticipate MonstaMASH to be very robust and powerful, allowing one or more users to prefab and customize creatures. The next level in social gaming.

If you’re interested, we can discuss MonstaMASH and how it could benefit your Game on my discord channel. Again, I sincerely wish you best on your hunt for Creature Modelers.