Looking for creative devs for new project called "Secession"

Project Title:



This project aims to create an engaging tactical shooter that concentrates on creating gameplay elements which support teamwork naturally. We want to put the gameplay back into games. I’ll leave you guys with a short picture of what we aim to achieve setting wise. This game will be set inside California 20 years in the future. What erupts is a civil war over secession from the United States Union. Gameplay will be held in heavily urban environments to even Californian suburbs. A setting that has been all but ignored in the gaming market today except for a few select games. None of which have taken on the hardcore first person shooter genre.


Tense atmosphere.
Unique multiplayer concentrated on teamplay to achieve objectives.
First person view point.
Heavily Urban Maps.

We plan to have vehicles, an assortment of weapons, a simple logistics system, and multi tiered objectives. Our assets will consist of current day weapons, and also original concepts. If you’re tired of modeling AK’s well your in luck we don’t need them :smiley:

Team Structure:
Christopher Chance (Project Creator)
Project Communicator, General 3D Artist, Business Director

We have 11 other members on the team as of right now, that range from General 3d Artists, UI Designer, a Sound Designer, Cinematics Director, and some very talented Coders.

Talent Required:

Programmers (2)

Knowledgeable with C++ programming.
Understands Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints.
Confident in networking for a multiplayer environment.
Works well with others.
If you are an experienced programmer and haven't delved into unreal but you think you have what it takes then contact us anyways.

Even if we have not listed your talents on our needed list, please send us an email anyways if you think you could contribute.


I really look forward to hearing from you guys. Goodluck!

bump Programmers wanted!

Going to email you.

I’ll keep an eye out.

Updated to reflect positions.