Looking for: Crafting / Building System

Hey everyone, i wasnt sure where to drop this … so … umm … here we sit!

I’m looking for a building system that is, well, the easy explanation is “like Arks”. Pretty much a snap-n-go system that works on multiplayer (LAN + Steam)
If anyone can point me in the right direction, or, even feels like they can build one … i would be super excited about that!
I have seen a few on the marketplace, but, they seem to be lacking some fairly basic functionality. They are more of a “placing items” system then a building system.

Again, if anyone knows where i can buy one, wants to make one, or, just wants to toss a youtube video in my face - that works to!

Thanks guys (and gals, i dont mean to leave anyone out there … ) … thanks … “humans” … ?

That’s the problem there is no “golden” tutorial for that. Got one that has the basics off what you want. Maybe I will work on that soon.

that would be exactly what i am looking for - if this is something you are making and going to be selling, i will pay you for this …

Why not create your own build system?