Looking for cooperator oversea

Hello Everyone, Im Andy from VietNam and Im a 3D Architectural Visualizer

What I can do:
Currently Im focusing on UE4 to make Video and Interactive Product (Ex: Walkthrough or RealEstate Sale tools,… link for sample project is attach below) and I also can make other 3D Render like Vray or Corona as well, i do have 2 years experience in this field

I can organize a team in Viet Nam with low Production fees (Local price) to Produce International Product (International Price)_ Currently I worked for Japanese Company and I can see the advance we can take from this Method (From my static the Local price is lower 3-4 times than Japan’s Price)

Looking for:
Im look for long-term partnership from other countries who can look for customers or contracts in 3D Architectural Visualization and then we can produce in VietNam and sale it back to your customers with a lower Production Cost.

I expect to open a company so If you wanna make a serious business online why dont we have a talk

Link for Sample Project:
RealEstate Sale tool:…alSAu4&index=8
For more:…9rYF7jUValSAu4
Art Station:

Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: (or you can search by my email: [EMAIL=“”] )